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Routine wellness care is a key component in ensuring your pet’s health and happiness!

At Dugan's Veterinary Hospital, our caring staff provides a complete range of wellness services, including exams, microchipping, vaccinations, and even specialized senior pet care. To ensure your pet is in tip-top shape, call us to schedule an appointment for your pet's wellness care.

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We offer a wide range of comprehensive wellness services to meet your pet’s needs.

Keeping up with your pet’s wellness care needs ensures that they are safeguarded against preventable diseases, allows us to detect (and begin treatment for) minor issues before they become serious, and can even help your pet make their way home if they ever get lost. We provide wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping and other services based on your pet’s species, breed, and age and are here to help them stay happy and healthy throughout their entire lives.

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10% off a dental cleaning is something to smile about!

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Pet Wellness Care in Aurora, CO

For pet wellness care in Aurora, Colorado, turn to the knowledgeable, caring team at Dugan's Veterinary Hospital. You can count on us to guide you toward making the best choices to keep your beloved companion happy and healthy for many years to come. To schedule a wellness visit for your cat, dog, bird, rabbit, fish, reptile, or other exotic pet, contact us today.

Dugan's Veterinary Hospital  provides wellness care for cats, dogs, pocket pets, fish, birds, reptiles, and other exotic pets in the Aurora, Parker, Centennial and Englewood area.